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Home Maintenance Inspections

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Your home, much like your health, your vehicle, or your insurance coverage, also deserves regular attention and care. To assist you in this endeavor, we are pleased to introduce our Home Maintenance Inspection service.

Attention Homeowners!

Attention homeowners seeking ultimate control over their home’s upkeep! How do you currently manage repairs and maintenance in your beloved space? We understand the importance of feeling empowered when it comes to maintaining your home. That’s why our new Home Maintenance Inspection service not only identifies potential issues but also gives you full control over the repair process. With our detailed inspection reports, you’ll have the knowledge and insights to make informed decisions about repairs, ensuring your home stays in pristine condition according to your standards. Ready to take the reins and ensure your sanctuary remains a haven for years to come? Let’s chat!

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For Your Home

What sets this service apart is that it goes beyond the conventional home inspection. After conducting a thorough assessment of your home, we compile a detailed Maintenance To-Do List. This list provides you with a comprehensive overview of your home’s current condition, complete with photographs. The full report is organized from the most urgent tasks to the lesser priority.

Our services are now individually priced as follows:

Home Maintenance Inspection

We cordially invite you to contact us today to schedule your Home Maintenance Check-Up Inspection. This proactive step will assist you in preserving your home’s excellent condition and addressing potential issues before they escalate.

For appointments or inquiries, please call us at 816-886-0186. Our commitment remains unwavering in ensuring that your home continues to serve as a sanctuary of safety and comfort for you and your loved ones.

Thanks you for considering ATM Home Inspection, LLC for your home maintenance needs.

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