Mainline Sewer Scoping 1

Sewer Scoping

We recommend Sewer Scope Inspections of the main sewer line on all homes. We scope from the home to the main city or county line up, to 100 feet, on homes 20 years or older, and homes with large trees in the yard.

Why? Because a tree’s root system is approximately the same size as the tree is above ground. The root system will find and surround the sewer line. It could invade or crush the pipe resulting in blocked drainage of the pipe. This could result in backed up sewage into the home, causing possible damage to the walls, furnace, water heater, furniture, and stored items; anything in the basement or other areas where the sewer line could back up into.

Mainline Sewer Scoping 2

Replacement and or repair of the main sewer line in the yard could run thousands of dollars.

We use a Pro-Built system that allows us to see up to 100’ into the sewer line. Our brand new camera system allows us to search pipes for problems and blockages. We can also provide you with a video of the procedure for an extra fee.

Be sure to ask for a Sewer Line Scope with your home inspection. We also do this inspection as a standalone separate inspection service.